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"Wow! Can't even begin to describe what a great place this turned out to be for my dad suffering from Alzheimer's. It is peaceful, quiet and the owners and caregivers are sincerely caring. Over the years he'd been at another RCFE facility which was neither peaceful or quiet, (both things his geriatric doctor said were crucial) as well as a small memory care facility (again neither peaceful or quiet, and downright upsetting for him).  Humble Haven proved to be such a blessing for both of us!

This house is managed as a home and the comfort of the residents is the top priority. I was there a lot and I never felt like there was anything more important than how the residents were feeling. They are on a schedule, well fed, exercised when appropriate and given ample opportunity and conditions for quality rest/sleep. There is plenty of interaction between caregivers and residents and the owners are in-and-out a lot, interacting with residents, too. The fact that owner Nicole is a nurse is such a bonus and she was always available by phone and text. Her husband Albert is a great handyman, sometimes cook and caregiver and never afraid to work hard.  

I realize this review may sound too good to be true, but anyone dealing with dementia in their family is aware of how hard it is to find living accommodations that you can feel good about. Humble Haven fixed that for me. I couldn't care for my dad in my home and felt bad about that in the past. Once I moved him here, I felt good about his situation and knew I was making the best decision for him. If they have an opening and you need a special place for a loved one to thrive, this is it! Good luck and I wish you all the best! "

Moira R. - Stevenson Ranch, CA 1/17/2018

I'm surprised there are not more reviews here --- but also not surprised because this isn't an establishment with a revolving door. This is a home.

Figuring out how to best take care of my elderly father after he fell and broke his hip was overwhelming to say the least. Admittedly, Humble Haven was farther away from me, and my dad's doctor, than I had hoped for or planned. But a placement agent sang their praises --- and choosing Humble Haven was the best decision I ever made.  Truly.

The place itself is wonderful: Clean, comfy, and staffed with amazing caregivers who are truly patient and compassionate. The meals are all freshly made and tasty and nutritious. Personal taste and preferences are always accommodated. There are also very few residents so they get a lot of attention. And I am not exaggerating when I say that it really feels more like a home than just a house; More like a family than an assisted living facility. The thing that makes Humble Haven truly amazing, however, are the owners, Nicole and Albert.

As I said, I was ill-prepared for everything that I've had to go through with my dad. (When something like this happens, who isn't?) Nicole, as a nurse, not only used her medical knowledge to explain things to me when my brain was spinning from all the doctors and medications and treatments --- but she truly acted as an advocate for my father, making sure he got everything he needed and deserved from Kaiser. To say she has gone above and beyond is an understatement. I don't want to take up pages and pages listing all the millions of ways she has helped me --- so I'll just say this: If you are on this Yelp page with a difficult decision to make and you are reading this because you're trying to decide if this is a place that you or a loved one should stay, whether for a short while or indefinitely ... Do it. Don't hesitate. You simply cannot get better care than at Humble Haven. I'd give it 10 stars if I could.

Susan S. - Sherman Oaks, CA 12/6/2017

My sisters and I would like to thank you for everything you've done for our dad. No matter what, you and your staff were always warm, caring and professional. You went out of your way to accommodate him and make him feel welcome and like part of the family and we truly appreciate it. We had peace of mind knowing he was safe and cared for.

Michelle G. - Santa Clarita, CA 06/28/2017

I can't say enough good things about Humble Haven and the owner Nicole and her husband Albert. My dad was here for six months while recovering from a bad fall.  We never thought he'd be able to go home again but he received such good care here that he became stronger and well enough to do so!  The staff took excellent care of him.  Nicole and Albert treated him like family. My dad can be very fussy and difficult and demanding but they took it all in stride and enabled him to keep his dignity.

Jen F. - Oxnard, CA 7/5/2017

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